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Cranleigh Choral Week is structured so as to give members the right balance between singing and relaxing. As many of you will know, rehearsing for several hours a day is very tiring so we do try not to overload you.


Music Timetable – Download the course flyer

book-collectionTHE TOP AND BOTTOM OF IT.

The opening and closing Sundays are intended primarily for arrival/welcome and departure respectively. On the first Sunday, members arrive during the afternoon during which music will be issued, dependent on the choir to which a member has been allocated, and the accommodation assigned (for those who are residential). Sopranos and altos can state a preference for singing in either a mixed choir or the ladies choir when applying for the chamber choir element of the course.

Following an afternoon Welcome Meeting (and vocal warm up), there is an initial full evening rehearsal to which all membership categories are invited.


The daily timetable is such that the mornings and late afternoons are allocated to the chamber choir repertoire in preparation for the Thursday (mid-week) concert. Early afternoons are free, and all join together for the post-dinner rehearsal which is devoted to the end-of-week SEFCho performance after which there will be a social event – something different every evening. The exception to the evening schedule is on Wednesday when there is no rehearsal. Thursday’s timetable is adjusted to accommodate the mid-week concert.


Friday is devoted entirely to rehearsal of the major chora/orchestral work or works, and there is usually a short session on Saturday morning. On the Saturday afternoon there is a full choral / orchestral rehearsal in the performance venue.

Please bear in mind when applying that this amount of singing, contained in just one week’s course, requires plenty of stamina and can be physically demanding.


Other Music Activites

Individual singing lessons can be booked with our resident specialist vocal coaches. In addition, a popular feature from previous years has been the vocal masterclasses, usually run by the same tutors. Members can either take part in these or just sit back and listen to their colleagues! Some of these extra musical options may incur a small additional charge.